June's Journey - Club Mysteries:

an event for clubs. 
Individual players do not have the opportunity to complete this successfully!

- Division of the clubs into different categories
- Which playing fields are available
- The game begins
- How do I get tickets
- Why should I request time
- my sector is blocked
- Who is active with me
- Help
Secretsful tips
The margravine's accomplices
- Game over, remaining tokens ...

June has divided the clubs into three categories:

Depending on the level ( easy, medium, difficult ) you have to collect a different
number of clues must be collected!

Which criteria are applied here by Wooga is completely unknown!
- Number of players in the club ?
- Number of players participating in the event ?
- average results of the club ?

please tap to display the different playing fields ...
the current playing fields are only available at the start of the game





Each player can choose a starting position from which to begin.
The playing fields differ depending on the classification of the group

What is new here is that the other players are now also displayed after the end of their round.
are displayed. So you can see who is in which position!

There are these differences

The magnifying glass

The member is currently working on the 1st clue
the camera

The member is currently working on the 2nd clue
the taffy

The member is currently working on the 3rd clue
The coffee cup (with hook)

The member has completed his sector

the task:

You can see how many clues have been collected so far in the top left-hand corner

the game begins:

You get 200 tickets at the start of the game
further tickets can be obtained:
- in the normal search games ( similar to keys or magnifying glasses )
- through the drinks at the club meeting
- through the use of diamonds

In normal games ONLY up to 300 tickets can be collected!
Additional tokens for drinks or diamonds should therefore only be
when you have reached the limit. These are then
and increase the available amount of tickets!

The game itself then resembles a timed race, with a limit of 30 minutes.
There are various objects to find
After each “fog field”, the need for tokens for the search increases
Clubs in higher categories also need more tokens to play the game
than clubs in easier categories
This can increase to 15 tokens or more for one round!

There is an additional prize for each nebula field
tokens to play with, magnifying glasses for the league, coins
coins or even materials

It makes sense for several players from a club to play the game at the same time:

You have 30 minutes for each sector.
However, your opponent can “give” you time here,
This icon appears on the other player's screen when someone asks for help:

This is one of the keys to a successful conclusion!
It makes sense to play as a club at the same time
This way you can increase the time you actually have available.
Not everyone has to play at the same time,
but the help of 2 or 3 other players (10 minutes per player) is very helpful
As soon as you have used up all your energy, you can switch to the normal game.
Earn more energy there and then continue here!
This is how a sector can be successfully completed.
Please note: The increased time is ONLY for this sector
If this sector is completed, the remaining time will be deleted!

Here you can see if there is a request for extra time from one of your teammates.
of your fellow players:


When your time is up, the sector will be closed by the police:

A new sector should ONLY be started if
- there are enough tickets available !
- other players are online who can donate time if necessary !

For the new sector, players can only be asked for additional time 60 minutes after the last
players can be asked for additional time!

So it usually makes no sense to request time for sectors without a circle or with 2 circles
For sectors with 3 circles, the additional time is required in any case!

The 300 tokens you get from “normal play” are more than enough. You can also manage with the time of 30 minutes
The 300 tokens can be enough, depending on how “expensive” a single round is. It doesn't hurt if you get an extra 10 minutes to get a few more tokens if necessary
The 300 tokens are definitely not enough. Depending on the progress of the game, up to 600 tokens may be required. Additional time is definitely required here.
Additional tokens should also be donated in the form of drinks at the club meeting.

This block can be lifted:
By yourself:

or by a fellow player ( if you have no more diamonds yourself )

Your teammates:

This icon gives you access to the overview of your fellow players:

Here you can also see which sector they are currently playing.
Wooga uses its own avatars here.

You can see whether one of your teammates is currently active on the map:

By tapping on the respective figure you can also see who it is.

If you have found a clue, you will receive a reward

As soon as enough clues have been found, you will receive the first ( of a total of three ) pieces of evidence
and of course the reward

Everyone who has successfully completed at least one section ( a nebula field )
receives ALL rewards earned by the club!

A few tips from successful players:

- The duration of these mysteries is 6 days, don't just start playing, but agree in the club at what time you play - that means you play together, you can help and support each other with time and tikets

-  Before starting the first sector, first collect the tokens in the normal game, as the maximum limit is probably 300 tokens and you need them to play the sector. Then first select a sector that has 2 circles

- The more people take part, the less each individual member needs to play. We were through after 3 days, but only because we have a member in the club who has played many sectors. I played 5 and the other player played about 12. It will be difficult with four players!

- It gets tricky from level 4. One load is usually not enough. As a small recommendation: start playing shortly before the meeting time so that you can use the tokens spent at the coffee meeting and your fellow players can help you with time so that you can play scenes and fill up your token bar

a few tips from Wooga:

All the players are hard at work here. Almost reached the goal ...

The accomplices of the margravine...
(  click for more information )

The game is over, I still have some of these green tokens left

If tokens are still available at the end of the game, they are converted into energy.
This happens automatically. However, a maximum of 500 tokens!
The morning after the game, a letter appears in the letterbox on the island
with the corresponding energy
This is independent of whether you have completed all three levels.

If you don't want to or can't play this game in the club, it's still worth getting active!
Over the course of the week, you will receive green tokens as a gift via the regular scenes.
After every 3rd game, you will receive 13 of these tokens, up to a total of 300.
Then open the game towards the end of the runtime. You will receive another 200 tokens as a gift
You now have approx. 500 of these tokens
Now start the game and clear the first fog field. Do NOT continue playing after this!
The remaining tokens are converted into energy!