June's Journey - Event:

There are two types of additional event to play:
Detective wanted and tombola

In both games, either:
- by completing tasks in the "Help Wanted" area. 

- for each game

"Key"   which will be redeemed.

Detectives wanted:

At the event: Detectives wanted there are different bonuses,
that become due when a certain number of keys are obtained.
The main reward can be a package for the snippet game
or a decorative item for the island:

The event ends after reaching the main reward, or the expiration of the specified time....


In the tombola, when you reach a certain number, you get the opportunity to spin the drum,
and get one of the given rewards.
Which it will be, decides the drum!

The scoring starts only after the "stopwatch/lot drum" has been pressed once in the game.
Points achieved before that are not scored!