June's Journey - Landmarks and buildings:

every time a landmark is completed, the next one is built in this order
the landmarks have 20 stages of expansion

The last landmark,
the aviary, was completed
now birds can be hatched ...

June's Journey:  Buildings

Once the first level of buildings is completed, they generate coins
the mansion: one coin every 10 minutes, maximum 60 coins ( after 10 hours )
all other buildings: one coin every 40 minutes, maximum 15 coins ( after 10 hours )

The buildings have five stages of expansion, which are passed through one after the other.
It is not possible to switch back to one of the earlier levels afterwards.
After completion of all buildings, a sixth level can be purchased by using gold,
the building in a golden version, can be acquired.
Then it is also possible to choose one of the earlier stages of expansion.
ONLY if the "golden facade" is chosen, you get once again blossoms additionally

the present



Farmers' market

Tree house

Flower store


Public library

gourmet cafe

fire station

 movie palace

 fresh pastry

 main station

 House of Talbot

 hanging gardens

 Island hairdresser




 Orchid Opera

 magnificent pile house

 sprouting place


 Summer house


clock tower
 wine estate