June's Journey - Island world:

In addition to Orchid Island, other islands are now available.
However, these can not be visited by others.

The fog fields can be unlocked bit by bit.
after a "click" on the corresponding fog field is displayed,
how many stars must be played for it:

Via the right field ( green, with compass ) more detailed information can be obtained:

the required stars ( here 6135 ) have already been reached.
but there are still some compasses missing to unlock the nebula field...
( 28 of required 75 compasses reached ) 

If the required stars have already been reached for the next nebula field,
but a few compasses are still missing, this will be displayed:

are also reached the required compasses, the picture changes:

If something is currently being built by us on one of the islands, this is indicated to us:
  this "construction site" is ready in 2 days and 6 hours

What islands are there:

the Sunflower Island:

Fog fields:

the laurel island:

Fog fields:

the willow island:

the snowflake island:

the marigold island:

the magnolia island ...