June's Journey - Memoirs:

Collect snippets for your album and win

In the regular game, but also in the events or contests, "packs" can be won:
These contain "snippets" that must be pasted into the album:
For each complete picture there is a reward


There is a reward for 74 matching snippets:

If all pictures were completed, an Blue Zeppelin

And of course, this is also rewarded:

as in the previous games, embellishments can be won for the island.

South of the island swim ( if you were successful in the last snippet game ) the dolphins.
at the same place now the jellyfish can be placed.
that means:
You can choose ( and change again and again )
whether to see the dolphins, the jellyfish or the fishing boats

To the left of the lighthouse is currently a sailboat.
After this snippet game, you can, if successfully completed,
choose between the sailboat, the shark diver or puffin

At the renovated sailing ship run flamingos
these could be exchanged for a wedding party after this game

The whales swimming below the flamingos ( mother with child )
could then be exchanged for a herd of orca whales

In the oasis you have the choice between the cliff diver,
or the prize of the current game: the cable car

And below you can choose between the hot air balloon,
or the new otter observation station

As a "Joker", which can be used for missing snippets, there is the additional possibility to
to win this snippet at events or to purchase it for Deja's:

Double snippets, so-called "Deja vue's", can be exchanged for offers in the store:

If you have more Deja Vue's tokens left after the end of the game,
these are exchanged for diamonds.
Here is the corresponding key: