June's Journey - The Café

Here the own ( on the tray ) and the drinks of the other players are displayed,
as well as the tip received in the last round.
By clicking on the round sign you can also see which result was the last days...

but you can only see how many people drank the drink,
but not who it was ...

Here you can see how many members ( in addition to yourself ) are currently online
Also here you can choose the drink you want to donate

The first drink is free. For each additional drink must be paid with diamonds.

What you get for the daily offer ( league points, energy, coins or tips )
is given by Wooga.
Up to four additional drinks can be handed out in exchange for diamonds.

These free drink rewards change depending on the current event:

What drinks are available:
Types of drinks can be purchased in the store, or won at league games.

If you start the game again, only one coffee is available.
Other types of drinks can be purchased in the cafe store for a tip.
In addition, one more drink is added to the league in each round.

These drinks can be issued
The drinks are in the cafe, ready for an hour !

The Shop:

In the store can be purchased with the tip received

These objects change partially

There are several types of drinks to choose from

and some portrait that can be chosen as avatar

The profile pictures do not give any measurable advantage. 
Also the type of drink does not give more or less tip or energy