June's Journey - Contests

Here you can see:
-which contest is currently running,
-joining the contest
-who has already played
-what result was achieved ...
and also after the competition to collect the prize won.

by clicking on the green button you can see which result the respective
the respective member has achieved in the current competition.

Types of competition:

Time race:

In this competition objects must be found.
Each scene is repeated 22 times ( or 14 times in the "fast scene change" mode ).
The contest runs between 15 and 60 minutes

Spod the difference:

In this contest, each scene is displayed twice.
We are looking for objects that are not displayed on both sides!

Contest Clues:

A facilitator in the competitions are "clues".
these can be bought in the store for a tip:

If an object is not found during the competition, a hint can be used in this way.
The object you are looking for will then be displayed.
How many clues are available ( have been purchased ) is displayed: