June Journey - general info

Table of contents

- Video token
- What bushes are ther
- red and blue boxes
- special delivery
- how to play with multiple accounts on one device

June's Journey was released on October 5, 2017
each anniversary there is an animated statue

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- Video token

Wooga's latest idea to earn money: Video token

Until now, you could progress in the game by watching a short video clip
( as annoying as it may be ) in the game.
Wooga has now brought these new video tokens into play
Instead of these video clips, you can now use the new video tokens

First you get 10 token from Wooga for free

These can be used:
A) - in normal play to reduce the number of energy flashes required
   from 15 to 10

B) - eliminate the waiting time for detective cases

As long as tokens are available, you cannot view any advertising here.
You will only have this option again once the tokens have been used up!

C) - in the aviary

How do I get these stamps ?
Of course you can buy them!

If there are no more tokens available, the game works as before ...
so watch the advertising clips ...

- bushes

We can put our friends bushes.

Below the airport is a boat in the water.
About this boat can visit islands of friends.
We can look at the island ( only the main island ), or
put a bush there.
Our friends receive a gift for this bush

These types of bushes ( with different costs ) exist:

These can keep the bushes, move them to another place
or redeem them for a premium.
of 100 bushes of each of the different varieties there were these bonuses:

In addition, there are always other bushes temporarily, with different premiums

The ship can have different symbols:

The icon is empty, no action 

a green arrow: we have received a bush from a friend

the green arrow back: a friend has also sent a bush

there are new bushes to send

- red and blue boxes

In the game you win red and blue boxes

These contain e.g:
- Material
- lightnings
- diamonds
- coins
and much more

after opening a box you see three cards.
There are different types of these cards:


The "Special" cards are increasingly found in the red boxes,
sporadically also in the blue boxes
The "Fabulous" come ONLY in the red boxes.

The "Special" cards contain "more valuable" gifts
- higher amounts of coins
- larger amounts of diamonds
- the star boosters
- high amount of energy lightning
- character cards ...

the "Fabulous" contain parts of the monthly set

in each monthly set there are always two objects,
which are hidden in the "Fabulous" cards

"Fabulous" cards that are NOT revealed go on the ship.
So they are not lost.
But !  Even if the card is then not revealed until the following month,
it remains a card of the set from which the card came.
So it does not become a "fabulous" of the new monthly set!

- Character Cards

In the case of character cards, a set always consists of seven cards
( 1/7, 2/7... 7/7 )

You can see how many cards of each set you already have in the album:

you have got all seven cards of a set,
a puzzle can now be opened here:

after completion of the puzzle you get credited 110 flashes ...

in the album you can see which images you have already reached,
or also, which pictures can still be reached.
the possible images you can also see here:

- Special delivery
Once at the beginning, when you start the game,
but lately also just like that once,
a delivery truck appears with a special delivery.
However, there is no guarantee that everyone will get to enjoy this ...

here you get 10 gifts from Wooga !
the advantage:
These gifts you get even if you once a day
was not in the game !
The current gift remains until it was picked up.
And on the next day ( or whenever ) there is then the next gift.
And these are quite neat...

that can be 250 lightnings, 10 diamonds 5000 coins
and in the end 500 flowers.

- Change account

There are reasons to have more than one account on a device ( smartphone, tablet ).
two players sharing one device or one player who would like to have another account.

June Journey can be installed on a device only once.
Nevertheless, it is possible to play multiple accounts on one device.
This requires June to be connected to a Facebook account.
I recommend connecting June to Facebook as a matter of principle.
If the device breaks or a new one is purchased, the switch can be made quickly.

If you do not want to use your private Facebook account for this purpose,
you can quickly create a second account. An email address required for this
can be obtained from various providers (GMX, GMAIL, Hotmail...) free of charge!

Here is a documentation for a change of the account...

- log in to Facebook
- start June and connect
- play...
- log out from June

- Change Facebook Account
      For IOS the change of the account must be done via Safari.
      a change via the Facebook app does NOT work!

- start June and connect
- play...