June's Journey - Club-Room:

Welcome to the June's Journey Club Room

Of course, you can also play June's Journey alone.
However, there is the possibility to join a club and complete tasks together.
You can join the club from level 14 onwards
then the club chair appears at the bottom...

The time frame given here in the lower area refers to the game "League".
which is only possible for members in clubs.

If this symbol is displayed on the club chair:

there is a new, not yet read message in the cafe

The symbol of a coffee cup is displayed:

there are two options:
- You have the possibility to give out a free drink
- other club members put a drink in the cafe
   unfortunately, at the moment the number of drinks is no longer displayed

But entering a club also brings duties !!!
  - regular participation in the club evening, with distribution of drinks.
    some clubs give out only the free drink, other clubs also sometimes more drinks
  - participation in the different club competitions

What advantages do I have:
A) By serving drinks at the club night, I will get
  - additional energy 
         starting with 10 flashes per drink
         via the store this can be increased up to 15 Blitzen per drink
  - tip
         for each drink that is served I receive 20 coins tip
         with it I can buy hints for the competition, or in the store

B) Participation in competitions
    only within the framework of a club it is possible to participate in the various competitions
    there are two types of competitions
    - Time race
       here it is necessary to find the searched objects as fast as possible
    - Find the difference
       here a scene is displayed twice
       search which object is shown only on one of the two pictures
    how long a competition runs in each case ( between 15 and 60 minutes ) is different

C) Participation in the league competition
    a league always runs for 6 weeks
More information:

the chat room

 the Café

 to the competitions

 to the league

 Club Mysteries
      about this new event is not yet known exactly